The possibilities of lighting control are constantly increasing. Thanks to modern electronics, simple LED lights become interactive. From controllable individual lights to a networked house - a lot is possible.

Our dimmers already achieve variable, interactive light for different moods. Warm light in the morning changes over the course of the day to the perfect work light and changes back to warm light in the evening for a relaxed atmosphere.

Our controls for single colors, cw / ww or rgb (w) can be used in a variety of ways, whether in master-slave operation or alternatively as a stand-alone solution.

Our extensive portfolio offers you a large selection: rf-controlled on / off switches, rf repeaters, motion switches, door switches and many control interfaces for indoor and outdoor applications. Regardless of whether this should be done via DMX, KNX, DALI, 0 (1) -10V interface, EnOcean, touch controller or other systems, we will help you with the correct design of your components.

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