led circuit boards

Modern lighting applications have become inconceivable without LEDs. Their high efficiency, long service life and flexibility make the LED an all-round genius for practically all applications. LEDs are now used in furniture, kitchens, general lighting installations, garden lighting and for decorative purposes.

Everything is possible – from a low-power LED right up to a 200W high-power LED. Mixed colours are also absolutely on-trend and these can be made to the customer’s specification with a high degree of flexibility. The combination of warm and cold colours to create situational light settings has become an essential factor. 

LED circuit boards can be made in almost all conceivable shapes and configurations. They can be rigid, flexible, round or square in design. A range of materials can be used as carriers for this purpose, e.g. FR4, FPCB, ceramic or aluminium. Similarly, the choice of LEDs is practically limitless these days. 

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